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Simple ingredients hand made soaps come in many options and they have proven to be very efficient and great for the skin. They are all natural and each is based on a particular plant oil, herbs or minerals (or a combination). As such, each has different benefits. All depends on the particular needs and skin type. Above all, natural handmade soaps are free of chemicals and artificial ingredients, so they are great for preserving one's health, as well as leaving the skin beautiful. Here are a few favourites:



Olive oil soap

Olive oil soap is full of antioxidants and is the best soap for deeply hydrating the skin, while gently cleansing it. One of the countries most famous for producing olive oil is Greece and some of the best handmade authentic olive oil soap bars come from there. Of course, the Mediterranean as an area generally is known for its production and consumption of it – Greece, Italy, Turkey, etc. Personal favorite is an olive oil soap bar from Cyprus.



Neem soap

Neem soap is known for its deep cleansing of the skin and its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It is best for acne prone skin and it works without leaving the skin overly dry. Neem is used in Ayurveda in India and the best neem soap is an ayurvedic handmade neem soap.



Turmeric soap 

Turmeric is another famous anti inflammatory herb and as such, turmeric soap has an anti inflammatory effect on the skin, while cleansing it. There are also many other skin benefits it offers, like anti aging and nourishing.



Tea tree soap

Few natural ingredients come close to tea tree oil when it comes to antibacterial action. Tea tree soap is great for deep hygienic clean of the skin. It is often made in combination with other natural ingredients to avoid drying of the skin.



Charcoal soap 

Charcoal is known to draw and collect impurities and it is one of the most efficient natural cleansers. Charcoal soap has this exact effect on the skin. A downside to it however, is its tendency to leave the skin dry. This is easily resolved if one uses a product to hydrate the skin after using a charcoal soap.



Coconut oil soap

A great moisturizer, as well as providing antibacterial action is the coconut oil soap bar. Much is said and written about the benefits of coconut oil on the skin and hair, so incorporating it on a handmade soap bar is a great idea to utilize these benefits.



by Jana Angelova


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