The benefits of lemon water


 Lemon water


One of my favourite drinks during the day (and in the mornings as well) is lemon water. I prefer mineral water or mountain spring water. I cut a few lemon slices and leave it in the fridge in a jug to drink over the day. You can put a few leaves of mint as well for extra freshness. One can get creative and make their own home made lemonade with a little honey or stevia as well, or make additional infusions with other fruits too, like strawberries. The options are endless.


Another idea how to drink lemon water is to mix lemon juice with hot water and drink it first thing in the morning. This is best for digestion issues but also for overall detox.


How does this translate into the skin appearance? I noticed for myself that properly hydrating on the inside (drinking a lot of water) plus the extra vitamin C from the lemon gives my skin a glow. It stimulates the collagen production as well so this helps to keep the skin young.



by Jana Angelova






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