Overnight oats for a healthy delicious breakfast



Overnight oats for a healthy delicious breakfast

Overnight oats are one of my preferred choices for breakfast. They are very healthy, have good benefits for the body and are delicious too. A great alternative to mainstream cereals that have poor nutrition quality and are packed with large amounts of sugar, these oats are one of the healthy choices one can make for themselves, their family and children.

Benefits of overnight oats


Oats are very beneficial for one's health for various reasons.

They have high energy content (calories), are high in fibre, iron, vitamins, minerals. Oatmeal breakfast, particularly soaked overnight oats, gives you energy and keeps you full.

It is most beneficial to use raw unprocessed oats after they are soaked overnight. This is the best way to consume them, as they retain their full nutritional value.

My favourite recipe


There is a lot of information online about the benefits of consuming oats, as well as many delicious recipes. One can always make their own versions too and customize them as suited.


Here I will share my personal favourite recipe of overnight oats.


Ingredients (for a single portion):

Rolled oats (quantity of your choice)

Almond milk or any other plant milk

1 – 2 bananas

2 - 3 big strawberries



Dark chocolate chips


Soak the oats overnight in a bowl together with the milk. Best it should be left in the fridge.

In the morning, take the bowl out and leave it to chill for 15- 20 mins. You could also add some more fresh milk.

Chop the bananas and strawberries, add a few raspberries and blueberries, add the dark chocolate chips. You could also chop a dark chocolate bar and add in a few blocks this way, or even grate it.

Alternatively, you could add all of these ingredients together to soak in overnight. If one prefers a sweeter version, my advice is to use a sugar alternative ...a little honey , stevia or maple syrup goes  great into this mix. My choice is to not use any additional sweeteners, as the bananas and fruits add enough taste and sweetness.

Whatever your personal choice, stir it well and it is ready to eat. Enjoy!



by Jana Angelova

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