Jade roller


Jade roller


A popular trend in the beauty tools niche is the facial jade roller. It is made out of jade stone (or rose quartz) and is used to massage the skin of the face. It can be used to apply facial cream, mask or oil and helps for the better and more even absorbing of the product. Used alone, the roller has a nice cool feel to it and can be used for a relaxing facial massage. It is claimed that this massage helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage.



Where did this tool originate?


The jade roller as a beauty tool comes from Ancient China and was an esteemed part of the beauty routine in those ages.




What are the properties of the jade stone?


The jade stone is cool and a relatively soft stone, so it works great on the sensitive skin of the face.



While the jade roller gives a pleasant and relaxing feel when used on the face, try using in it on the palms of your hands and even the soles of your feet. That improves circulation and also energises the body.



by Jana Angelova


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