How to make almond milk at home


How to make almond milk at home


Whether you follow a plant based diet or just would like to add a lighter version of a healthy milk to your menu, almond milk ticks all the boxes for a healthy drink.


Almond milk, as well as any other nut milk, can be made easily at home. That is also the purest version, as there are no other ingredients added than what you choose to add. Sometimes it is more convenient to grab a ready made milk from the shop, however, if you have the extra time it is worth it to make it yourself.


To make almond milk you need: almonds, water, blender or food processor, a mesh to drain the milk, a container/jug/bottle to store it. Optional is a pinch of salt or added vanilla powder.


I personally prefer to use raw soaked almonds because that helps to preserve all the nutrients.



Steps of preparation:


1. Take the raw almonds, place them in a dish and cover them with water. Leave them overnight in the fridge to soak.


2. On the next day, drain the soaked almonds, put them in the blender and cover with fresh water. Blend until you see the almonds turning into a milk.


3. Drain the milk from the pulp and you have amazing nutrient rich plant based milk.


4. Store in the fridge, it should be nice and fresh for a couple of days.



Depending on the quantity of the almonds used and how long you left them in the blender, I found that the pulp can be used 2 – 3 more times, even though the milk would be less dense with every next blend. So leave the pulp in the fridge and use your own judgement how to use it. I think that 2 – 3 more jugs of plant milk is a good option. It is all up to you. Some people make plant based cheese from the leftover pulp or use it in the preparation of sweets, add to their breakfast bowl, etc.


This milk can be used for everything regular milk is used for. As well as almonds, the same recipe could be followed for other nuts milk too – cashews, hazelnuts, etc.



by Jana Angelova




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